Shurato's Heavenly Sphere Anime Telnet BBS

Looking for an easy to navigate non-stock system?  Here's your

EleBBS Win/32 Running 20130208.d Binaries 20 Nodes.  SSH, Telnet,

Around 100 Door Games, including but not limited to:

Local Games:  Shadow Board, Leech, Virtual Sysop, BBS Simulator, Hack
'n Attack, Usurper, Door MUD, Dungeon Master, LORD, LORD2:  Complete
New World, Planets TEOS, Hackers:  Cyber City, Mechwars, Netrunner,
Operation Overkill II (10 Maps!), The Pit, Melee, Enigma of Ashrella,
Legion, Wordle, Lands of Devastation, Sudoku, Magislots, TitanSlots,
Darkness 2.0, Chess Master, Horoscopes and Tarot, Galactic Dynasty 2,
SpaceQuest 2112 GameServer, Tradewars 2002, Lemonade Stand, Another
Day at the Races, Word Warp, Chain Reaction, Tarot Augury, Stack 'em
and Funky Jewel Master as well as a few adult titles and More!

League10 Games (10:3/18):  Falcons Eye, The Arcadian Legends, Barren
Realms Elite, InterLORD, LORDNet, Tournament Wahoo!, Tournament
Blackjack, Internet Blackjack, Tournament Freecell, Booby Trap, Hot
Dice, Flip Flop, Jewel Thief, Lady Luck, Line Up, Knight's Move, Video
Bandit, Poker Bandit, Tri-Bingo, Mega slots, 8 way slots, Zombie slots,
Lore, Arrow Bridge, Arrow Bridge II and Clans.

Micronet Games (618:300/50):  Falcons Eye, The Arcadian Legends, Barren
Realms Elite, InterLORD, LORDNet, Tournament Wahoo! Blackjack and
Freecell, Global War as well as Mega, 8ways and Zombie Slots.

FSXNet Games (21:2/148):  For Honour, Galactic Dynasty and Barren Realm

Local messages, anime and BBS related.  NNTP Message access, FSXNet,
TQWNet, League10, Fidonet, USENET and Micronet messages.  Telnet, IRC
and MRC support.

Anime and BBS files areas available via FTP for best experience, with
existing BBS account as well as via 8k Z-Modem via telnet or Y-ModemG
via the web telnet applet.

telnet to
ssh (login: "bbs" password: "shsbbs")
Secure Telnet widget at:
USENET News Server at:  nntp:// and FTP Server at: (ftp access requires a BBS account, USENET access is
open, but without binaries.)

Shurato TV at
Anime radio stations at: Shoutcast at: Icecast Secure at: SpaceQuest 2112 Game Server: telnet://